JFF: Her Love Boils Bathwater

Futaba lives in a small town with her daughter Azumi. Their house connects to the family-run bathhouse, which has been closed since husband and father Kazuhiro left the family for another woman. Everything changes when Futaba is diagnosed with terminal cancer, giving her only months to live. Newly determined, she decides she is going to make the most of her remaining time by reuniting her family and reopening the closed bathhouse. It’s a journey that will lead to new friends, some surprising additions to the family, and even a few long-secret revelations coming to light...

 Rie Miyazawa (Pale Moon, The Twilight Samurai) won the Japan Academy Prize for Best Actress for her incredible lead performance in the latest film from Ryota Nakano. Futaba is an endlessly compelling character: an utterly determined and charming woman who confronts her diagnosis with confidence and bravery. Equally impressive is Hana Sugisaki as Azumi - a performance that won the film its second major Japan Academy Prize. The film itself is as heartbreaking as it is funny, a crowd-pleaser in the best sense of the word. While there’ll be few dry eyes in the house, this is also a warm and witty film about one woman and the life-changing impact she has on even those who only briefly encounter her.

 RYOTA NAKANO (born 1973) was raised in Kyoto and studied filmmaking at the Japan Institute for Moving Images. After graduation in 2000, he worked in television as an assistant director before focusing on feature film production. His films include the two highly acclaimed short films Rocket Punch (06) and The Sparkling Amber (08). His feature film debut Capturing Dad (12) was screened at festivals around the world, including at JFF 2014.

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