The Repeal Project was set up by activist Anna Cosgrave to fundraisewith the simple jumper idea:"Outerwear to Give a Voice to a Hidden Problem”. The black and white jumpers have sold in their thousands and have been worn by supporters around the world from Vivienne Westwood to Sharon Horgan and from Gloria Steinem to a human rights lecturer in the Arctic Circle and politicians in the Dail.

Anna Cosgave said: “ I set up Repeal Project, with the intention of opening up a conversation around reproductive rights in Ireland, as I had become so disillusioned, upset and frustrated that every day up to 11 women were being failed by our State.

"As an a-political outerwear initiative, that sought to give a very hidden issue more visibility, the project has encouraged women to come forward sharing their stories and is now acting as a much needed fundraising mechanism for organisations in need of funding."

Repeal Project is supported by  the coalition to Repeal the 8th amendment and NWCI (National Women's Council of Ireland).