John Bosco McLaine, who hasn’t the makings of a decent sin in him, is a bachelor farmer searching for a plain decent woman to share his life. He nearly got there a thousand times - but nearly never bulled a cow! 
For the first time after 15 years John B Keane’s hilarious comedy returns to the Gaiety Theatre with an all-star cast.
The Production follows John Bosco’s hilarious attempts to find a bride and finally tie the knot. The play is peppered with the fantasitc words and wit of John B Keane and his unerring ear for the language of rural Ireland. Keane also has a serious eye on the passions, dispairs and fears of his characters and the “crying loneliness of nights without end” … but in the end a Toast!
A chastitute by the way - is a person without holy orders who has never lain down with a woman… a rustic celibate by force of circumstance.
The Chastitute by John B. Keane premiered in Cork Opera House in 1980, and has been a  great favourite with audiences ever since.
This sparkling new production brings Stephen Brennan (The Tudors, Fr Ted), one of Ireland’s leading actors to the central role of John Bosco McClaine –
Stephen is joined by Catherine Byrne (Fair City, The Clinic), Brendan Conroy (Vikings, Ballykissangel), Sorcha Furlong (Fair City), Andrew Kenny (Tango Dance Champion), Maria McDermottroe (Glenroe Killinaskully), actress and fiddle Player Caoimhe Mulcahy, John Olohan (Glenroe, Fr Ted), Mark O’Regan (The Commitments, Leap Year), Aisling O’Neill (Fair City, Finbar’s Class), Joe Rooney (Fr Ted, Killinaskully) and Billie Traynor (Fair City, Moon Boy).