Checkpoint, together since February 2009, are four dedicated musicians on a mission. Playing their own style of Rock and heavily influenced by the sounds of the late seventies and early eighties, Checkpoint have developed a unique and individual approach to music today. Already armed with their own arsenal of followers, Checkpoint are ready to advance to the front line of todays music scene.

Having received critical acclaim from esteemed musicians Frank Kearns (Cactus World News), David Frew (An Emotional Fish) and Peter Jones (Paranoid Visions), Checkpoint have recorded 2 EP’s, Unauthorised Breakthru (2012) and From City Streets (2013), and released their debut album, Thorn Among the Roses, in May, 2016, which was met with positive reviews from Hotpress Magazine.

“77′ Punk played by people born 30 years too late!” – Peter Jones, Paranoid Visions.

“You guys sound like The Clash and U2…” – Krash Doll, Barb Wire Dolls.

“Checkpoint are always exciting live, incredibly tight, and drummer Ali puts other more senior drummers to shame.” -Ray Burke, Louder Than War

“Teenage superstars in the making” -Hotpress

“Their tunes growl and snarl with punk-ish intensity” -Jonathan Klein, GoldenPlec

“Dublin-based rockers deliver breakneck-punk infused debut.” -Ed Murphy of Hotpress, on ‘Thorn Among the Roses’