Big Bang Festival Presents:
Kakatstsi Master Drummers from Ghana
Raed Said from Palestine
with Cormac Breathnach, Eoin Dillon, Brian Fleming, Jon Sanders and Martin Schaerer.
8pm €15

Kakatsitsi mix the popular West African drums djembe and dunduns with their local Ga and Ewe drums to create a groovier, funkier, more laid back fusion than the pyrotechnic Senegalese and Guinean styles with which Big Bang aficionados will be familiar. Bring your dancing shoes!

Raed Said, a percussionist from the old city in Jerusalem, will be joined by legendary Irish traditional/ fusion musicians Cormac Breathnach on low whistles and Eoin Dillon (ex Kila) on pipes and whistles, Jon Sanders on Mandola and Brian Fleming and Martin Schaerer on percussion.

Raed studied percussion in Egypt, Jordan and Syria. He has performed in Tunisia, Sweden, France, Austria, Jordan, Morocco, Italy, Iraq, UK, US, Denmark and Turkey, has played for many CDs and films and is music instructor at several Palestinian Universities. He met these Irish musicians when they played together in Palestine in 2017