Forged from playing together for years with countless bands and artists such as ( Mick Pyro – Republic of Loose ,Declan O’Rourke ,Quantic soul orchestra, Julie Feeney,Cathy Davey, , CC Brez ,Feather, Monster Monster…..They have come together to erupt a sonic volcano on the Irish music scene.Be prepared !!!

Haiku are set to melt faces and move bodies on June 15th. with the release of their live in lamplight videos the band are steadily growing a fan base in Dublin and are determined to bring a live show to rival the best.its all about getting into the trance and bringing the audience on a sonic and spiritual journey.Support on the night comes from Melia and Chief keegan. These bands are led by members of haiku . expect a serious night of groovy music and a taste of whats coming in the ever expanding and fusing irish music scene

Haiku is the new brainchild of mullingar man Tommy Moore. Fusing years honing his craft as a singer songwriter and top session bass player he has put together a super group of his peers to explore a new genre busting band sound that mixes his influences of rock, african, funk, blues, hip hop, folk but is woven together from his unique sound and songwriting style.