The Kate Bush Songbook

Cloudbusting presents The Kate Bush Songbook

It’s no wonder Kate Bush is consistently ranked as the most influential female singer/songwriter of modern times. Pioneering, challenging, unshackled by convention, Kate occupies a musical genre of her own.

Keeping her legacy alive and winning critical acclaim wherever they perform are Mandy Watson and Michael Mayell from the renowned five-piece band 'Cloudbusting'. On Saturday 24th June, Waterford's Theatre Royal is host to 'The Kate Bush Song Book', celebrating Kate's genius in a unique show featuring Mandy's sublime vocals and Michael's intricate arrangements on the piano.

'Absolutely, surreally brilliant.'   Mick Wall, Classic Rock Magazine.

'The Song Book is a more intimate take on her many hits and a chance for us to explore some of her lesser-known, more mysterious songs,' explains Michael. 'As a child learning her music on the piano I was mesmerised by her melodies and chords, the like of which I'd never heard before. Her recordings use instruments and musicians from around the world, but it all starts with just Kate, her imagination and her piano. It is this essence we're trying to get back to with the Song Book.'

'Kate's vocal and lyrical experimentation is so strong, so powerful, that you can't help but fall under its spell,' says Mandy. 'The intimacy of this special show gives me an even stronger emotional bond with the music. I love exploring her more obscure work, songs such as A Coral Room and Kashka from Baghdad.'

'Cloudbusting' have performed on stage with original members of Kate's own band and recreated the whole of 1985's groundbreaking 'Hounds of Love' album with guest musicians from all over the country, including the London Bulgarian Choir and members of Irish folk-rockers Mad Dog Mcrea.

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