Palestinian flag will be hoisted above the mayor's office in Dublin

The subcommittee of the Dublin City Council decided to hold a ceremony of Palestinian flag raising at the Town Hall - in solidarity with the Palestinians, who have been living half a century under the brutal occupation of Israel. According to the Ynet news, the flag over the mayoralty of the Irish capital will be raised on May 15 - the day after the proclamation of the Declaration of Independence of Israel.

It is interesting to note that for the final approval of this decision, it should be ratified on May 8. Considering the composition of the city council, journalists are sure that the overwhelming majority of its members will vote "for", because the Dublin City Council is led by the traditionally nationalist extreme left-wingers coalition "Shinn Fein".

The author of the initiative is an active supporter of the independence of Palestine, John Lyons, who repeatedly hosted in Ireland pro-Palestinian demonstrations in the past.

"In recent years, the Irish held large demonstrations in support of the Palestinians, Israel is an apartheid regime. If flag raising will lead to controversy among people who are not sure that it should be flying over the mayor's office, I think it a good sequence of events.  Today more and more people believe that Israel's behavior radically undermines the cause of its creation. " - Lyons said.

In the Israel Foreign Ministry this desire has been already criticized.

"If Dublin City Council approves this decision, it actually will throw in the towel to terrorist organizations with hatred and blackmail. This is a hostile decision that will primarily harm worthy citizens of Dublin and mark the city with a stain of shame." -  Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nachshon said.

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