Ireland in top 15 most technological cities of the world

The international company Sanvills, which sale of real property, compiles every year a list of the most technological cities in the world. It takes into account a number of factors: the number of technology of the companies, the average time of opening new start-ups, the availability of capital and even the availability of rent for employees and the average cost of coffee with milk. As you know, the creation of high technology is impossible without coffee! If you want to create a new Google or surpass Ilona Mask, think about placing your future headquarters in one of these cities.

15. Tel Aviv, Israel

Israel has an inimitable reputation in the fields of cybersecurity and data analysis, and most of this reputation is embedded in the Silicic Wadi in Tel Aviv. Local talents come here, many of them previously served in the army or banking sector. The influence of Tel Aviv promoted success of companies like Fiverr.

14. Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne often competes with Sydney for different statuses, and now the first win in the struggle for the title of a technological capital. There are fewer costs for real estate, an enviable quality of life - it attracts talents, including "high-tech". Probably, Melbourne will even surpass Sydney to this order of population in a short time.

13. Seattle, USA

The city, where there are principal business offices of Amazon and Microsoft, is doomed to attract the attention of potential employees. By the way, Expedia comes here soon, and Google, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox and SpaceX opens development departments here.

12. Dublin, Ireland

There are a lot of young technologically raised a peg higher employees here, and many companies with great names - including Airbnb, Apple and Facebook here. Perhaps, they are attracted by low taxes, but it is the social life of the city that has consolidated its position as one of the largest players in the global arena of high technologies.

11. Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is known for its ability to create "unicorns" in amazing amounts - Sportify, Mojang and TrueCaller are only a few of them. There are far more successful technology companies than you expect from a city of less than a million people.

10. Singapore

Singapore is becoming the world leader in the field of Big Data, especially after the government installed sensors throughout the city that collect information on everything from traffic to crowd behavior. The financial sector and business culture make a big contribution to Singapore's reputation as a technologically-oriented city.

9. Berlin, Germany

Berlin long time ago has been a European capital of art, and recently, reasonable prices for real estate, relatively low cost of living and wealth by talents have made it the center of start-ups and entrepreneurship. SoundCloud, one of the most successful enterprises in the city, shows a typical Berlin approach, in which innovation is combined with a multi-disciplinary approach.

8. Boston, USA

Perhaps, California is more famous, but the eastern coast of the USA is abreast with technology. Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology have long been a visiting card of Massachusetts, and the games and travel industry are not away. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg started their careers here. And lately, more and more students are staying on the east coast instead of moving to the west.

7. Copenhagen, Denmark

More and more often interesting startups appears in Copenhagen, and many of the "first generation" have already achieved significant successes: Just Eat, an online app to buy food "for takeaway," grew out of its country and captured a tangible part of the all-European market. The city takes the first place in our nomination "healthy lifestyle".

6. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The legendary creative and bohemian capital is also home to a thriving technology industry. The city was highly rated for a healthy lifestyle and medium activity, and has a huge advantage - an almost entirely bilingual environment. 90% of the population speaks both Dutch and English. Thus, Amsterdam is one of the main technological centers of Europe.

5. Toronto, Canada

There is a great atmosphere for creating start-ups in Toronto: now about 3000 enterprises are active. Sportify, Hootsuite and Kik were created here, and they still retain a presence in the city. The city was highly appreciated for the quality of life, and it has a clearly great future as one of the technological centers of the planet.

4. London, United Kingdom

Considering the bank power concentrated in the city, no wonder that this city at the same time is the capital of financial technologies. TransferWise and Funding Circle have started their development from here - and we expect that many other successful startups will appear in the so-called "Silicon District" in East London. Excellent universities and proximity to Europe's largest airport only strengthen London's position on this list.

3. New York, USA

There are talent gathered in a variety of areas in New York,- from financial to retail sales - which reinforces its technological "position." Local prices are high, but opportunities doesn`t inferior: world-famous universities and business-oriented culture make New York attractive for startups and for "adult" companies.

2. San Francisco, USA

Specify startups from San Francisco can take up time. Uber, Twitter and Airbnb are just a small part of the success stories from this city. This city simply attracts investors and new projects.

1. Austin, USA

Austin is the number 1 city of the world's technology. Here are such companies as IBM, Dell and AMD. Low taxes, favorable to the real estate market and developed entrepreneurial culture made the capital of Texas the scene where the most exciting dramas from the field of technology is playing.

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