The benefits of orientation week

Chloe O’Keeffe discusses the benefits of Orientation week at college and how to make the most of it.

So, the dreaded Leaving Cert is finally nearing an end for another year. It’s final, you're finally putting another chapter of your life to bed. From experience, I can almost feel your relief - reports

Congratulations on surviving (probably) the most stressful period of your life yet! Enjoy your summer (because you deserve it!). Don’t stress the results, what’s done is done.

Before long, your summer will be gone, and it’ll be all systems go again as the results come out and then the CAO offers. One of the most important things in your first few weeks of college life is to avail of your very first week- your Orientation Week, as this is probably one of the most beneficial weeks when used properly.

Orientation Week is where first-year students will meet with other first years studying the same course as yourself. The week is the perfect chance to take in some new faces, and make a couple of new friends before the term properly kicks in!

Thankfully, one of the main aims of Orientation is to get your timetable and be educated and informed in where you need to be and when! It won’t come immediately to you, but with the added advantage that there are only first years in during orientation you have a chance to familiarize yourself to your whereabouts to some extent!

During this week, you will become more educated about what your college or university has to offer, in terms of clubs, societies, and facilities, and you will receive an open opportunity to apply to these clubs and societies.

*Top Tip* - Ask questions! Orientation guides are an older student (a lot of the time studying the same course as yourself), and so they will be able to help you, whether it let you know where the best student nights are at, or where to get second-hand college books. Look at your orientation guide as a wider older sibling!

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