Top 10 Sites Like Couchtuner

If you are a fan of browsing and online movie streaming, Couchtuner will allow you to watch TV shows Online, documentaries, movies, listen to music and enjoy all the way. We decided to present you websites like Couch tuner that will fulfil your media needs in a few seconds - writes

What is Couchtuner?

Couchtuner Tv series streaming website is a widely popular website that offers you free TV show streaming. It started in early 2010 with .com, but since then it expanded to dozens of subdomains such as .AG and Fr. It is the perfect place where you can watch huge database of TV shows that are hosted right on the site. You just have to click on the show and you can watch them without paying anything. The site focuses on TV shows such as America’s Next Top Model and Californication. You have to understand that due some regulations, you have to research your country laws and regulations of ISP before you decide to browse anything. It is a thin line between pirated media and copyright issues that could happen afterwards. The Real Couchtuner TV Videos Streaming Website There are numerous sites that will provide you with a lot of free movies and TV shows similar as,,,, or you can say Couchtuner 2.0.


Top 10 Sites like Couchtuner

1. The Dare TV The first site that we want to mention as an alternative to Couchtuner is The Dare TV. You don’t have to worry about its name because you won’t get only suspense drama inside. It is firmly speaking, one of the most addictive sites in the world of streaming. You will be able to enjoy a huge collection that will give you the possibility to enjoy all the way. That is the main reason why we mentioned above that it is addictive because you can find whatever you want, and even more. This particular website is similar as Couchtuner because its prime focus is on TV shows. You can also find numerous movies that you can watch without paying anything. You have to understand that you can watch whatever you want without paying anything and what is most important you don’t have to sign-up either. However, in case that you wish to get all important updates with latest TV shows, we recommend you to register. You can find your favourite TV show genre in order to understand what you need, but there is also a search engine that will allow you to do it manually. The Dare TV is a perfect place where you can enjoy your favourite TV shows.

2. Cucirca Cucirca is a TV show only. In case that you want to watch movies, you may feel a little bit disappointed, but you don’t have to worry because this amazing website contains all world-famous TV shows and soap operas that will give you a perfect state of mind after every episode. It is important to mention that it is absolutely free and you don’ have to register and sign-up, which is far more convenient for people who don’t want to leave their email IDs. In case that you want to get subscribed, you will get the possibility to get emails of every latest episode and show that is uploaded, which is convenient if you want to use it frequently. Of course, you cannot imagine that you will find every TV show that you can think of, but it still contains huge database where it is almost impossible to find that something is not there. We have mentioned above that Couch tuner contains great database and Cucirca is a great alternative because it shares the similar affection. With endless TV show collection, you will be able to enjoy all the way. It doesn’t matter if it is old or new one, you will be able to find it. The main downside of this website is that lacks good accessing because follows text links and not pictures.

3. Series Craving We have to mention on this list site such as Series Craving which is like Couch tuner. As you can see from its name, it is completely dedicated to TV series and TV shows. You can easily browse and find old shows without any additional problem. If you had a wish to watch any old series that you remember as a child, say no more because you will be able to find it. First, we have to mention that Series Craving contains really great site with amazing design and simple accessing. You won’t get confused at all because all TV shows are features through relevant images. When it comes to database, we have to mention that you can find whatever you need without even saying that you may go wrong. From FRIENDS to Game of Thrones, this particular site contains everything that you need from old to latest. They even display a TV schedule for you to enjoy. It is a great choice for you to enjoy in particular episode that is uploaded on the site. You don’t have to enter every single day in order to see whether the latest show was uploaded. You just have to register and you will get notifications of latest upload. You just have to click and the show is yours. 

4. The Series Online The Series Online is one of the most popular Couch tuners like a website that will give you the possibility to enjoy famous TV shows. As the name says, you will get huge database of movies and TV shows which is convenient for movie lovers. This is a really great website that made the difference for people who enjoy online streaming. There are numerous sections from which you can categorize movies in order to find your favourite ones. The browsing process is pretty simple because the website is transparent and well-maintained, too. You can easily find the access to all movies and TV shows that you can think of. Most of them are indicated through thumbnails, which is convenient when compared with other services that use words listing. That makes it much more organized and attractive. It is not mandatory to register, but if you do, you will be able to get all updates and new uploads once on weekly basis. If you want to find the website like Couch tuner that contains a huge database of TV series, this is the best choice for you. There are also numerous movies that you can watch divided into genres so that you can browse and find your next target easily. 

5. Select TV The next website that we want to mention for you is Select TV. It is very similar to Couch tuner because it contains an amazing database of entertainment that you can enjoy all the way. You have to understand that there are lots of movies, TV shows, Events, games, radio channels that you can find, but it is not for free. You will have to pay $2 on monthly basis to enjoy any specific service from this website. As soon as you select TV, that doesn’t mean that you can only watch TV shows. You will get huge database of movies also, which is pretty convenient. It is mandatory to sign up in order to watch, but that will avoid any additional problem that could happen. You can easily just name the movie or TV show that you want to watch and in a matter of seconds, you will see it in front of you. When we compare Select TV with other websites from this list, it is surely one of the best, with great features. You can also watch thousands of channels for an affordable fee which is way less expensive than your cable plan. 

6. Café Movie Café Movie is a widely popular website like Couch tuner that contains a huge collection of excellent TV shows and movies. Once you enter, you will enjoy all the way. That is the best way to understand how great this movie streaming site is. We have to mention that this website is made with great design and creativity. You can easily browse through it in sorted kind a way without any additional confusion. You just have to sign up, even though it is free, and you will get all relevant information about latest uploads and flicks. The best thing about it is that you can watch amazing TV shows in different languages. There is also category filled with old movies that you must watch in order to get familiar with it. You can also filter movies through years and genre and therefore you will be able to access your favourite TV show or movie in a matter of seconds.

7. TubiTV We have all heard about Tubi TV and its amazing content that will provide you constant entertainment that you haven’t felt before. Even though it is underrated, we can easily say that it is similar as Couch tuner because of its great features that you will enjoy. If you are a fan of classic movies, then this site is perfect for you. Everything that you can think of is available from TV shows to latest movies. You can easily sign up in order to get the latest news, and what is most important, it is absolutely free. Tubi TV is also great because you can install the app for iOS and Android device that will give you the possibility to enjoy it wherever you have stable internet. As we have mentioned above, it is completely free and you may watch TV series, movies and other media content as much as you can. You don’t have to worry because this particular website is 100% safe and you won’t get any harmful malware and other issues by streaming its content.

8. ProjectFreeTV Project Free TV is widely recognized site where you can watch only TV shows. That is the main reason why we included it on this list of sites that are like Couch tuner. However, you won’t be able to get streaming links for movies, which means that you have to find another website from this list if you want to watch latest films. ProjectFreeTV is a site with amazing design and site goals. It doesn’t feature any images, which means that it presents its contents through links and words only. The database is really vast and good, and that will compensate its old design. You have to understand also that there is no categorization on this site, which means that you cannot filter TV shows through genres. There are only recently uploaded and the most popular categories. This website is only a medium between third-party media streamer and viewers. That is great because the content doesn’t belong to the site and everything is derived from different sources. If you are a TV shows lover, you have to check and see this particular website. 

9. Watch Episode If you want to enter the website where you can find TV series from Game of Thrones to The Walking Dead, this is the site for you. You don’t have to register in order to stream TV shows, which is a convenient way to enjoy all the way. It doesn’t matter if the show is currently on the air because you will be able to follow it without any additional problem. It is a great alternative to Couchtuner, and you can find different episodes that will excite you all the way. The site is well-maintained, so you can easily access it and browse further. The most popular section is Top 10 that will show you all features TV shows on a daily basis. If you are keen to watch TV series from almost every era, this particular section will help you out. The best part of Watch Episode is that you can watch classic and really old TV shows that you cannot find on other websites from this list. They have shown from the ’60s. If you are a fan of classic TV shows, you will fall in love with this website. 

10. CMoviesHD The last website that we want to mention in this article based on similar sites to Couchtuner is CmoviesHD. Even though, it is not that popular and recognized, you will get high-quality content with great maintenance. When you first enter, you will surely get addicted. You don’t have to take the name too seriously because this site contains lots of TV series that you will enjoy all the way. This means that this site is great because it contains both movies and TV shows, which is doubled the fun. You cannot find the movie that it is not uploaded yet, in fact as soon as they air; you will be able to watch them. You can browse different categories such as biography, action, family, comedy, crime and much more. You can also find the adult content too.

It streams content from other movie streaming websites and TV shows sites, such as Hulu and Netflix. It has a wide selection of genres to choose from horror, crime & mystery, romance, fantasy, action, comedy, and science fiction to watch movies online. 

Conclusion: If you are TV series lover with affection to online streaming websites and services, you have to find a way to enjoy them without paying a cent. Of course, we have mentioned here some websites that function only through paid subscription, but that is nothing when you compare with content that you will get afterward.   

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